Signs Your Air Conditioner Is About To Die In The Heat Of Central Sarasota, FL

When the spring and summer temperatures start rising, life can become extremely uncomfortable in cities such as Sarasota, FL. While Sarasota is considered a paradise by many people who want to enjoy the lovely warm climate throughout the year, do not let that fact change because of a faulty air conditioner.  Below are some signs that indicate your air conditioner is about to fail in the heart of hot summer in Sarasota.

What you should know about Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, the largest city, and seat of Sarasota County is located at the southern edge of Tampa Bay and north of Punta Gorda. By 2000, Sarasota City had a population of 52,715 and a density of 3,539.8 people/square mile.  Sarasota operated as a township until 1913 when it was designated as a city. Later in 1921, it was designated as a county seat after the county of Sarasota was curved from Manatee County.

In 2006, the city of Sarasota hit the headlines after it was ranked by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty and the National Coalition for the Homeless as number one in the list of “20 meanest cities” in the US. The Sarasota School of Architecture was developed as a variation of mid-century modernist designs and remains a significant mark in the evolution of architecture. It incorporates great elements of iconic Frank Lloyd Wright and Bauhaus organic architecture. It is the unique designs that have made designers from all over the world become attracted to the city.

Crucial signs your air conditioner is about to fail

Not driving cool air into the house

If you establish that your air conditioner is not driving cool air into your house, it probably means it is about to fail. If it is not providing cool air even after turning it to full blast, the chances are that some parts are faulty and might require urgent repair.

Strange sound from the AC

If you notice funny sounds such as grating, squealing, or grating, the chances are that the fans have become faulty. The belt might also have slipped out of position. You need to apply the right lubricant on the moving parts or consider AC replacement if the damage has gone too far.

Moisture at points where it should not be

If you note moisture around the AC unit, it could indicate the refrigerant is leaking, or the drain tubes are broken. These are very serious issues that require urgent inspection by an expert. If the AC unit is damaged too much, consider visiting a wholesale air conditioner dealer to arrange for a new system.