Signs your Air Conditioner is About to Fail in the Heat of Greenville, FL

In the hot, humid summers of Gainesville, FL, the last thing you want from your air conditioner is to fail unexpectedly.

Air conditioners run continuously during uncomfortable hot days throughout the year. When the AC units are under constant stress, they are most likely to fail. Fortunately, air conditioning systems often provide us with warning signs when they are about to fail.

Those who pay attention to these warnings are often able to timely schedule the A.C replacement or repair so that they are never left without the comfort of fully functional air conditioners on the hottest days of the year.

If you want your wholesale air conditioner to last the humid summers, and for years to come, it’s recommended to schedule the air conditioner repair at the very first sign of a problem.

Following are the signs your Air Conditioner is about to fail in the heat of Gainesville, FL:

·    Screeching or crushing sounds– When bearings exhaust, your air conditioner can produce all sorts of noises or screeching sounds.  It’s important to heed these sounds. While the internal parts and bearings can be easily replaced, it’s a signal that the air conditioner has started aging.

·    Refrigerant leaks – While this occurs every so often, air conditioners should keep refrigerant without frequent leaks.  You need to fix coolant leaks every year, and it may possibly be time to consider other options.

·    Blown circuit/ fuse – If your air conditioning system has a tripped circuit or blown fuse, it may possibly not be working correctly and is posing excessive burden on the electrical supply system.

·    Blowing warm air – When your air conditioning system blows warm air, there may be a couple different reasons, but typically, it’s a sign of air conditioner failure.

·    Heavy Energy Bills – If your air conditioner is incompetent, the faulty component within your system might be the reason. If one of the AC components is not working properly, the rest of the system has to compensate to maintain the room temperature. This simply means heavier energy bills and potential air conditioner failure.

If your wholesale air conditioner is showing any of these signs, you should immediately contact a licensed AC repair professional in Gainesville, FL to determine your air conditioner problems and perform the needed repairs or replacement. Good luck!