Signs your Air Conditioner is about to fail in the heat of Novato, California 94945

There are quite a few signs your air conditioner is failing. In Novato, California residents have noticed some of the signs common in their area. Novato has a long summer with an excess of 100-degrees for many days. Although the summers are long and mild, that just means that their units are running continuously. Novato has such long summers that their winters are very short and not as extreme as many other parts of the United States.

There are many signs an air conditioner is about to go out. The first and most noticeable is the fact that the air conditioner will not turn on and this may mean that the compressor has gone out. That means that you must repair the compressor, add Freon, and pay for the labor spent on fixing the problem. These repairs usually end with a hefty bill, it may be wise to have an AC replacement altogether. In the event that you must find a new unit you should go to a store that specializes in wholesale air conditioning units. They will be the most knowledgeable and also provide you with the best prices.

Another sign your air conditioner is about to go out is if the air conditioner is blowing out warmer air than usual. This may be because the refrigerant sleeves are removed or are eroding. The two copper refrigerant lines must have insulating sleeves on them. You must make sure that they are cobbering them otherwise this may be why your AC is not blowing air as cool at it should. Also, if it isn’t blowing cool air the refrigerant may need to be recharged.

If your air conditioner is making unusual noises this may be another sign your air conditioner is starting to go out. A buzzing, ticking, or rattling from your unit could be as simple as a loose screw, or it could be a worse scenario. It could be that the blower motor has gone out or there is a bent fan blade. If it does turn out to be only a loose screw, all it takes is tightening the screws. If the problem turns out to be a malfunctioning blower or a bent blade an inspection tune-up may needed, or even worse you may need a new blower. These are more serious problems that may require you to need an ac replacement. These are a couple sign Novato resident notice when their air conditioner is about to go out. Some are easy fixes but a couple others result in the replacement of your unit. However, keeping your air conditioner maintained on a continuous basis by an AC service technician will take preventative measures in order to avoid these situations.