Signs Your Air Conditioner is About To Fail In The Heat Of Tampa, FL

Have you ever had your air conditioning fail in the brutal summer heat of Tampa? If so you know just how hot it can get while you wait for an AC replacement. But you can avoid the long wait and the extra expense of replacing your air conditioner. Pay attention to these signs that your air conditioner is about to fail and take action because you are left in the 90 degree or warmer temperatures of Tampa without air conditioning:

The Fan Is Blowing But It’s Not Getting Cooler

You might think that your air conditioner is working fine because you hear the fan blowing. But then you notice that it’s really warm and it doesn’t seem to be getting cooler even though the fan has been blowing for a while. You check the thermostat and find the temperature in the room is actually climbing instead of decreasing. If that happens to you that is a big red flag that your air conditioner is about to quit on you. Take action immediately if that happens to you.

By acting fast you can get the problem fixed before the house gets too hot and before the whole air conditioning system fails. It could be that your drain hose is clogged. Or it could be that your filter needs replacing. It could just be that your air conditioner needs coolant. But getting an air conditioner expert out to your house to check the system is critically important. You may even be able to save money by using wholesale air conditioner parts to fix whatever is wrong.

Water On The Floor

If you notice puddles or pools of water on the floor near the air conditioner that water should tell you that there is something wrong. Central air conditioning units should never leak water. Room size air conditioner units that attach to the window will sometimes have water draining out the back but if the water is draining into your home call a service technician right away. Most likely the cause is a clogged drain hose or a broken or loose connection in the air conditioner. But if it’s not fixed it could cause the whole system to break down and it could ruin your floors or carpets. It’s best not to clean up the water until the repair person arrives so that they can see how much water the air conditioner is leaking. But if you have carpet and need to clean up the water before it soaks into the carpet padding take photos of the water so that you can show the technician how much water has leaked.