The Best Way Fort Worth Residents in Texas Control Humidity in Their Homes

Stuck to the couch

Are you sweaty and sticking to your couch? Does your kitchen feel like a sauna? Frizzy hair? You may be dealing with an overly humid home if you find yourself dealing with these and other problems with a hot and sticky living space. The people of Fort Worth, Texas know all about humidity. The sub-tropical climate of Cowtown can reach temperatures into the 100s with humidity levels ranging from 60%-80% at its worst. Before you find solace from the muggy weather in Hulen Mall, take a look at these simple tips to keep humidity levels down in your home.

Run the AC

Running your air conditioner is one of the quickest ways to replace all of that hot and heavy air with cool, crisp air. Before you start it up for the humid seasons, make sure to check the filter. A clean filter is one of the best preventative maintenance jobs to provide optimal airflow throughout your cooling system. Replace the filter if it’s caked in dust and grime. The best place to locate an AC replacement filter is at your local wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store.

If you don’t think it’s hot enough to warrant running the air conditioner, select the fan option on your thermostat to have the air circulated expediently.

Fan out

If you aren’t running the air conditioner for some time, you may want to consider breaking out the upright fan, or ceiling fans. Keeping these on will encourage airflow throughout your home and disperse the humidity. Running these for several hours will also save you money on your energy bill in comparison to running the air conditioner.

If you’re about to take a hot shower or boil some water for pasta, think again. Both activities produce a considerable amount of steam in a short period of time. If you must, crack a bathroom window while showering, or run the hood fan while cooking (if you have one). If you don’t have a hood fan, either run the air conditioner, or the ceiling fan while cooking.   

Keep your windows shut

On the most hot and humid days, you should avoid having your windows open at all costs. This is the main way that your home lets in humidity. By following this simple step, you should be able to keep that moist outside air out of your home.