The Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency in Salt Lake City, UT

In the scorching heat of the summer, Utah households consume more electricity to maintain the coolness inside their homes. For older homes, the expenses of cooling can increase depending on the quality of the air conditioner unit.

With air conditioning costs on the rise, it’s important than ever for Salt Lake City homeowners to find energy efficient A.C. solutions.

Following these 6 benefits will convince you that it’s the best time to invest in an energy efficient A.C system:

1. Reduced Energy Bills

An average Utah household spends around $1,200 annually on energy costs for HVAC systems. Incompetent A.C. units result in constant repairs, unreliable cooling and difficult to find parts.


Units with Energy Star certification offer efficiency and economical cooling that you need for the summer months. They are sure to lower your monthly air conditioning bill and provide highly efficient HVAC services.


2. Decreased Carbon Footprints

Efficient A.C. systems don’t only help your finances they’re also helpful for the environment. Old A/C units emit greenhouse gases that contribute significantly to the global warming. By choosing energy-efficient A.C. solutions, you can do your part to support the environment.


3. Climate Control

When you invest in energy efficient A.C. systems, you can easily handle the temperature of your home. A/C units come with programmable thermostats, which help to control the cooling costs and improve comfort. Several programmable thermostats are equipped with smartphone apps so you can turn on your wholesale air conditioner before you come home or switch it off after you leave.

4. Your Unit is Just the Beginning

Having an energy efficient A.C. system results in long term energy solutions for your home. You can further decrease the air conditioning by efficiently insulating the A.C. system and sealing vents. Work with a licensed A.C. technician to outfit your home with energy efficient, long lasting results.

5. Quiet and Sleek Cooling

Energy efficient A.C systems are designed to be les noisy and fit perfectly within your home’s layout. By choosing a licensed installer, your A.C system will be optimized with indoor air quality, airflow, layout and peace in mind.

6. Efficient Cooling

Energy efficient A.C. systems can be optimized for maximum cooling, so you don’t need to waste energy on conditioning rooms you don’t use often.

The first step to improving your existing AC system is to discuss your cooling needs with a licensed cooling expert.  Get a free quote and learn about the best, energy efficient AC replacement and repair options for your home.