The Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency in Sarasota, Florida

Green is good

It’s not news that “going green” is not only better for your health, but for bank account as well. Residents of Sarasota, Florida didn’t earn the highest well-being score for U.S. cities in 2015 from nothing. They made the right choices. Any minor change matters, and they add up. Whether it’s having an Energy Star certified air conditioner, high efficiency light bulbs, or a properly sealed home, you’ll be making a difference. Don’t forget to thank yourself when you save your body from health problems— not to mention saving some cash on the side. This means more time spent doing the things you love, like visiting Mote Marine Laboratory, or taking a nap at Siesta Beach.

Here are some ways that having an energy efficient home benefits your health and finances:

Lowers energy costs

By having a well-sealed house that keeps its cold or heat, you’ll be saving heating and cooling costs. This prevents outside air from coming in and making your house hot and humid. Very uncomfortable. A home with drafts and leaky windows will exchange freshly-cooled inside air for muggy outside air. When this happens, the air conditioner will cycle on and off more often to keep cool. This leads to higher energy costs. It’s a good idea to make sure that your house is leak-proof. Not only will your house be more comfortable with quality insulation and sealing, it will save you money by way of lower air conditioner costs. 

Allergies and contaminants

A well-functioning air conditioner system will keep out allergens, dust, and humidity that may cause miserable respiratory symptoms. If you think your air conditioner needs some TLC, you might want to consider calling around for certified technicians to service. A neglected air conditioner is no Bueno. Ignoring the problems may lead to the need of an AC replacement. If this unfortunate occurrence takes place, you’ll want to look for Energy Star approved air conditioners from a reputable wholesale air conditioner shop, or knowledgeable home improvement retail store. Having a smooth-running air conditioner is one of the top ways to save your breathing and lower energy costs.  

General wellbeing

Energy efficient homes do an excellent job at keeping you comfortable. Some of the ways this is possible is by keeping the climate at the desired levels. In other words, you’ll be living in an environment that is low in humidity, allergens, and other air contaminants. No more excessive sweating. No more unnecessary sneezing or illnesses that could be avoided from having a clean energy efficient home. A well-sealed home with an air conditioner keeps everything running smoothly.


Let’s face it, having extra money lying around makes life easier. Saving money from having an energy efficient home will make it easier to save up for that next road trip or dream vacation. But that’s not all. Your body will breathe easy for making the right choice to have a more ideal indoor climate.