Ways to go green with AC in Bradenton, Florida

If you are one of the many residents of Bradenton, Florida concerned by overwhelming carbon emissions polluting the air across the world, then you know that air conditioners in Florida are one of the leading contributors to this urgent issue. And, if you are in the hunt for an AC replacement, the first step to going green is purchasing a wholesale air conditioner. Commercialism of storefronts, staffing, transportation and more take a toll on the wellness of the state’s environmental health. And as much as you may care about reducing your carbon footprint, there are places in the world that are simply too hot and too humid to go without the comforts of an air conditioner. Fortunately, we live in a time of incredible technologies that allow you the comforts of AC without the harm of energy guzzling.

When you prioritize having an eco-friendly, wholesale air conditioner, you will see the benefits in your monthly budget and feel the benefits in your body. Opt for organic or natural fiber filters over those that are bleached. As you take on regular upkeep of your unit, you’ll observe the debris filtered through, ensuring the highest quality of air in your home. Going green with your air conditioner can be as simple as using unbleached, non-toxic filters. Take it a step further and consider a two-in-one; in Bradenton, humidity is just a fact of life. But that doesn’t keep it from wreaking havoc on your life and home. Having an air conditioner that is also a dehumidifier will minimize your waste and increase energy efficiency. Optimize its workload even more by sealing your windows and running built in, efficient fans including ceiling, bathroom and kitchen fans periodically throughout the day.

Keep up the shared responsibility approach and create healthy energy usage habits. When not home, set your thermostat a handful of degrees warmer than comfortable to reduce your air conditioner’s unnecessary work throughout the day. Before heading out, close the drapes, drop the blinds and block out all light sources from heating up your home. At night, you can take the opposite approach and give your air conditioner a well-deserved break when the cooler evenings roll around. Open up your windows and allow the cool sea breeze to flow effortlessly into your home, keeping you comfortable throughout the night without producing any carbon emissions.

When you go green with your wholesale air conditioner and/or AC replacement, you can breathe a little bit easier knowing that you are doing your part in keeping the Earth healthier for many generations to come.