Ways to go green with AC in Concord, NC

Did you know that air conditioning consumes almost fifty percent of the total energy consumed in the U.S? It ranks high in list of things that trigger tons of CO2 emissions each year. Therefore, it makes sense to choose green air conditioning if you live in Concord, NC. Concord is one of the cities that receive the hottest summers in North Carolina and its residents will do wonders by going green. Concord hosts the largest shopping and entertainment at Concord Mills Mall.

This is where tourists and natives come for shopping and fun as there are over two hundred stores to enjoy. Among these are manufacturing plants that contribute to the area’s level of air pollution, of course. Besides, the median age of homes in Concord, NC, is 27 years, meaning that a relatively big amount of people could still be using an old HVAC model. As the news about green air conditioner systems spread across the nation, the residents of Concord should upgrade their current model.

How to upgrade

Buying a new A/C system is not mandatory when choosing to embrace green air conditioning. Instead, residents should install radiant heat barriers. These can be described as thin layers of metal insulation that can minimize radiant heat transfer into the attic by up to ninety-five percent. In addition, people should install ceiling fans and programmable thermostats. The former produces a breeze that is enough to keep the home cool on cooler days even when the A/C is not running. If you install a ceiling fan, you will always be able to set your thermostat several degrees higher when your A/C is running.

A programmable thermostat could be installed in various zones of your home to reduce power consumption without the need to set your thermostat every morning. They are designed to regulate energy consumption automatically, and tend to be so convenient. Heat could be lost if your attic insulation is inadequate. Hence, increasing insulation in your attic is one way to follow green air conditioning in your Concord residence. Furthermore, you should seal and insulate the ductwork to increase the cooling efficiency of your A/C unit. Have the ductwork that runs in your garage, attic and crawl spaces examined too, as well as the air conditioning system itself. You might need to do an AC replacement after taking this measure.

Selecting the best green air conditioning

In Concord, mortgages are taken seriously as statistics show that 61.2 percent of residences are occupied by owners while only 29.2 percent are rental properties. As well, research reveals that an ordinary resident pays a mortgage of $1,363 each month. By turning to green air conditioning, you can increase the resale value of your house and enjoy paying lower utility bills. To begin, check wholesale air conditioner products online as this could decrease your upgrading costs.