Ways to Go Green with AC in Melbourne, Florida

The dilemma

The desire to stay cool while being environmentally friendly is a tough choice. Maybe you’re forced to stay in today because it’s just too hot and humid for Wickham Park or Cocoa Beach. If you struggle with the decision between staying cool, or staying green—don’t worry—you can have both by using these simple tips to stay cool and environmentally savvy in Melbourne, Florida.

Save green in more than one way

Not only will you lower your environmental impact of using these tips, you’ll save on cooling costs in the long run.

Have it checked out

Having your air conditioner checked out is a relatively inexpensive way to lower your energy usage and save money. By having the components checked out by a professional, you’ll know if things are running how they’re supposed to. A smooth-running air conditioner causes less stress on the whole cooling system. This results in less energy usage and less money spent on energy.

Check for leaks

If your house has any drafts, your fresh cooled air is leaking right out of the window—not to mention you lose money. With the constant air seepage, comes an air conditioner working much harder to keep your house cool. This will wear out your air conditioning unit prematurely, and force you to need an AC replacement sooner than later. Be sure to take the necessary steps to keep your house sealed tight from outside air. A few simple ways to do this are:

  • Check the caulking and sealant around areas that lead to outside.
  • Make sure the windows are sealed tight. Repair if necessary.
  • Have your insulation checked and replaced if needed.

Replacement AC

Technology moves quick! Sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade your air conditioner. Look for air conditioner units with the Energy Star certification in order to have the most energy efficient products. Ask around at the nearest wholesale air conditioner outlet or other home improvement stores to learn more about all of the green AC replacement options.

Use it, not abuse it

This may seem like obvious advice, but many are guilty of it. Don’t leave your air conditioner running if it’s not necessary, and set your thermostat at a reasonable level. The EPA recommends you to set your thermostat to 78 degrees. Keeping the air conditioner off at times where it’s not necessary will keep your energy usage and costs down.