Ways to go green with AC in Orem, Utah

In general, people are changing their habits and going green. The residents of Orem, Utah are no different. There are many benefits to going green, from the lower energy costs, to the environmental benefits, and the health benefits. While you will use your air conditioner quite a lot in the hot Orem summer, there are still ways in which you can go green with your AC.

1. Overcooling

Overcooling your home means that your AC is working harder, and using more energy. Even adjusting your thermostat by one degree can affect the workload of your AC, and reduce your energy bill.

2. Timing

You will want to come home to a comfortably cool home, but you shouldn’t leave your AC on all day as it wastes energy. You can ut it on a timer instead, and set it to come on before you get home. This way you conserve energy, but still have a cool house.

3. Fans

Use your fans to move the cool air around your home. This can help make you feel cooler, but isn’t using as much energy as your air conditioner would.

4. Unused Rooms

Close off the vents and ducts for rooms that aren’t used often. This can lower the workload of your AC, as it doesn’t need to cool as big an area.

5. Blinds

Closing your blinds can stop the Orem summer heat from getting into your home. Heat can get in through your windows when the blinds are open, but it can’t escape again. This means that your AC has to do more to keep an even cool temperature in your home.

6. Insulation

Check the insulation in your home, and replace any as needed. Seal any air leaks in your home. These two small steps can save you more than $100 a year.

7. Replace Your AC

Homes with older model AC units should think about an AC replacement. Older models are much less energy efficient than newer models, and you can find a wholesale air conditioner, which can reduce the amount of money you need to spend on a new unit. The newer models are usually energy efficiency rated, so look for the best possible rating.

8. Maintenance

Maintaining, servicing, and cleaning your air conditioner on a regular schedule keeps it running smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

9. Coolant

Some coolants, especially those in older models are environmentally damaging, such as Freon, for example. Check to see what kind of coolant is in your AC, and if an environmentally friendly coolant is available. In some cases, it can be possible for the coolant to be changed to an eco-friendly option.