What is a Ductless Heat Pump System?

A ductless heat pump is a very efficient and simple heating system replacement for traditional furnaces and electric heaters; it performs the functions of heating as well as cooling. A ductless system offers very easily-controlled air-conditioning and heating that can keep the temperature in the indoor spaces of your home at comfortable levels, right round the year.

What is a Ductless Heat Pump System?

This type of system is also referred to as a ductless mini-split system and is a highly-effective way of heating and cooling your home. It becomes an excellent primary HVAC system in homes that also have electric furnaces and wall heaters. A ductless heat pump system is specifically designed to provide comfort right round the year and it works noiselessly as well. Apart from that, it allows you control & efficiency even as it cuts your electric heating expenses by almost 50%.

How Does a Ductless Heating System Work?

This system functions differently from a standard electric heater, which creates its own heat. A ductless system pulls the heat from the outdoor air and uses it in heating your home. This process can be reversed within the system, to cool your home. A ductless heat pump distributes cool or warm air far more efficiently and quietly than a conventional electric heater.

Ductless Heat Pumps- The Facts

If you are looking for a furnace replacement, a ductless system is an excellent option. Most people are aware of what these systems are, and you may have also seen the indoor units installed on the walls in homes, restaurants as well as office premises. Here is some detailed information and facts about them:

1. Highly Flexible Option

A conventional heat pump & air-conditioning system forces heated and cooled air via ducts. In comparison, a ductless system delivers air directly from the indoor units, into different zones or rooms. These are typically made of an outdoor unit and one/more indoor units, depending on the cooling and heating capacity of the system. The indoor units aren’t connected to the outdoor unit via ducting. Instead they are connected via small pipes that run through a small hole in the wall to the outdoor unit. These kinds of installations make these systems a very flexible option. The indoor units only require mounting units and access to electricity.

They may also be referred to as multi-split, split or split –ductless systems and they are a very cost-efficient way to replace space heaters, electric baseboard heaters and window units that aren’t as efficient. They can be easily installed in new construction, home additions, apartments and condos and are provide you the flexibility to control the temperatures in these individual spaces. A ductless heat pump can also be installed in structures that currently use a ducted heating system.

2. Cost-Efficiency

One of the main reasons why many homeowners opt for these as their furnace replacement is because the ductless systems are highly efficient and can significantly reduce your utility bills. They consume far less power compared to other heating systems, and are more compact in size as well. Since they deliver the heated or cooled air directly in to the room, there is no loss of efficiency.

The multi-split system can also give you the flexibility to create various zones in your home and you don’t have to cool rooms which aren’t occupied. This becomes a distinct money saver. Aside from the money you save, when you install a ductless heating pump, you may also be eligible for utility rebates/tax credits for the year during which you install this system. Regardless of how you look at it, installing a ductless heating system is a win-win for you.

3. Improved Air Quality

Since we shut the windows and doors of our homes in the colder months, often times the indoor air quality is lower than the outdoor air quality. When you have a ducted system, you have to ensure the ducting is cleaned with regularity by professionals. Despite having done this, there are times when allergens and dust tend to linger in the indoor air. In comparison, a ductless system offers multi-stage filtration, which is extremely effective in reducing bacteria, dust, allergens and pollen from the air.

4. Easy and Quick Installation

It can take several weeks to install a ducted system and the work can disrupt the daily activities in your home or office. In comparison, the installation of a ductless system is far less intrusive, based on the total number of outdoor & indoor units that have to be installed. In most instances, it doesn’t take more than a day to install the system and get it running.  This means you have less hassle to deal with and don’t have to go through the inconvenience of staying without heating or cooling depending on what the outdoor climate is like.

In these systems, small pipes connect the outdoor unit with the indoor unit, and only a 3” hole is required to be made. Very simply, you don’t have to worry about any damage and rebuilding of walls and ceilings, like the kind that occurs when you get a ducted heating installed in your home or office space.

5. Environment-Friendly

Since these systems are smaller and are used to cool individual rooms or specific zones, they are very energy-efficient and the ones from the best brands always have a high-energy rating. The refrigerant used in these systems is called R410A, which is a zero-ozone depletion refrigerant. This means the ductless heating systems has a very low impact on the environment right through ‘its lifespan and it’s a great way of reducing your carbon footprint.

A ductless system is an ideal heating system replacement as well as a supplemental heating and cooling system for any other HVAC unit that is currently installed on your property. With this unit, you are assured of a comfortable indoor environment right through the year. You should discuss various options with your HVAC contractor to choose the system best –suited to your needs.