Where’s My Model Number? HVAC Made Easy

Oh no, it’s happened again. After years of an ongoing battle, your air conditioner has finally given up on you, and right during the end of summer! In between getting your kids to their summer programs and organizing your rambunctious family, you have been tasked with finding the ever-elusive air conditioning model number for replacement. The box that lives outside has always been shrouded with mystery – very expensive mysteries. So let’s start looking for the model number. First thing to note is that it will either be comprised of two options: all number, or a combination of numbers.

First you should check at the top of the unit where the cool air exhaust is. You are looking for a Model Number Tag sticker, or a number etched into a metal plate. It’s okay if you didn’t immediately find it there, try checking underneath your control panel, or to the right of the panel. For both of these options make sure you remove the grill first to check. If you have located the sticker, but have not been able to decipher the alien code (that is a data sticker), you are looking for the number labeled M/N. As an additional tip, make sure you are getting the model number from the appliance directly. Some owner manuals have portions of the model number, but not the entire sequence.

Now that you have found your sneaky number culprit you may be wondering what it is that you do with it. The model numbers on air conditioning units provide an excellent way to decipher what specific type of air conditioner you have so you can either replace it entirely or shop around for parts. Within the number there will be a two to three digit long sequence that tells you how many thousands of BTUs/per hour at which your air conditioner currently operates. Luckily for all of us, there is an easy to discover conversion rate online. (But say your three numbers are 018…then you are shopping for 1.5 tons). The model number is a relatively universal code that HVAC manufacturers use, so you can now rest assured you’re using it like a pro!

The goal with using this number is to make sure you get the appropriately sized unit into your home before the next heat wave, and to help you knowledgably shop around to get the best price!